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The Counter is an eight-seat, BYO dining experience right in front of the chef.  This smaller format encourages interaction between the guests and the chef.  The chefs will also demo various cooking techniques, so you can execute them at home. Menus are offered prixe-fixe and rotate based on the chef.


As you will notice, this menu is pretty veg-heavy.  The summer growing season is in full-swing; and I'm getting e-mails like crazy from my purveyors.  These are the dedicated and talented people who help drive our menu decisions at Boku.  The radishes we are getting are really cool, so I'm going to present a riff on the classic French crudité.  Local heirloom tomatoes are in, and Adrian from Heritage Farm has some amazing bronze fennel; so together, they will show up in the second course as a chilled gazpacho.  I started my bread journey in May, and the pizza bianca has been a hit since rolling it out in June.  You'll get to spread some housemade, lemon-zested ricotta on it, too.  The ricotta is made fresh, daily; and I'll teach you how to make it yourself.  Next, we'll move into hand-rolled, local durum tortellini, made from local pastured hen's eggs, which will be filled with some smoked pureed mushrooms.  Heather at Primal Supply is sitting on some really nice woodlot pork cheeks.  This pasture-raised pork is really excellent stuff, the best you can find. So braised cheek along with blanched favas will find their way on to the plate, finished with a pork stock and a flurry of parm reg.  My rep at FarmArt tells me the blackberries from Basciani Farms are insane right now.  The chefs at Laurel corroborate this claim.  I'll be breaking out the dry ice and spinning up a batch of blackberry ice cream, made with local, raw cow's milk and cream.  This ridiculous Philadelphia-style ice cream will land itself on top of a Nathan Miller chocolate ganache and shortbread cookie.  Nathan Miller is a vertically integrated chocolatier, located right here in Pennsylvania; and it's pretty much the most expensive stuff I can get while still being deserving of the price.  This menu is loaded with high-end, peak-season product.


with ryan fitzgerald
July 11, 2017
$50/person (sold in Pairs)


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Boku adheres to a strong belief in supporting our local food economy. We are subject to the whims of nature and seasonal availability. Thus, the menu is subject to change, based on what is locally and seasonally available.