what is Boku?

In the simplest terms, Boku is a collaborative platform for artists to showcase their work.  Every event is an art exhibit with complementary food.

where is boku?

Boku is located in Philadelphia, PA.  The exact location of the event will be e-mailed to you 24 hours prior to your reservation.

What events does boku offer?

title bokus:

Title Boku's are consecutively numbers and take place once or twice a month.  These events feature a guest chef from a local restaurant.  Title Bokus seat thirty guests: twenty-four at a communal table in the Main Dining Room and six at the Chef's Counter in the kitchen.

THe counter:

The counter dinners play host to eight guests at the Chef's Counter.  They are more casual and are geared for more guest-chef interaction.  This format is also a showcase for our sushi dinners and classes.  


Boku can also be rented for private parties.  Please click this link to learn more.

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